If You're Proud of the Job, Sign Your Damn Name!

I recently made a decision to change the logo on my wheels; the old one wasn’t bad but I wanted to go with something more indicative of the thing I do. I build custom wheels for individuals; I talk with them, find out what gets them excited, find out what will work best for them, and keep it all within budget. Each wheel set is my attempt to fulfill the rider’s aspirations and dreams. The job isn’t done on a wheel building machine. Not done by a guy who has thirty five minutes for the job. If the parts take an hour to become a wheel, no worries. If they take an hour and a half, so be it.

It’s personal for me; it’s my skin in the game. I couldn’t think of a better way to express this, than signing my work, literally. From now on, the logo is my name, my signature. It’s been re-worked by a terrific designer named Jadyn Chen because my actual signature is unreadable. As the old cowboys used to say;

If you’re proud of the job, sign your damn name.

The old cowboys also would have liked for you to give Jadyn a visit at jadynchen.com. Thanks again, Jadyn!