It occurs to me that the best advertising I have is the opinion of my customers; they know how my wheels perform because they ride them! Please take a look at the unedited testimonials below to see what you can expect from my services.

Laurie Brown, Marysville, WA

“John was awesome to work with, I couldn't have asked for anything better. His expertise and love of the art of wheel building was evident the first time we spoke on the phone. I had a few conversations with him and he patiently answered every question I had. He gave me a few suggestions for my wheels and after more discussion, he made sure I was totally happy with my decision on the rims and hubs we chose. I had complete faith and trust in him and could tell that he wants to make his customers completely comfortable with the process; the end result was just awesome! I even had questions about spoke tension and he gave me detailed information about the tension for wheels with disc brakes (I want to build a wheel set in the future, so I’ve saved that and will use as needed). The wheels came carefully packed and were absolutely beautiful!

Thanks John!”

Mary Isaacs, Topanga, CA

A life-long dream of mine has been to take my bicycle to various countries and ride around small cities and countryside. I wanted a really special bike for this - one with a light frame and a more upright position to make the ride easier on my neck. For years, I saved up for this custom made bicycle. I went to several hand built bicycle shows and looked at an amazing array of bikes. If you're looking for the same, I highly recommend going to a NAHBS show. When I turned 65 years old, after reading and looking for so long, I decided on a Steve Potts frame and had him choose all the parts for the bike. I had already been on several long distance rides in the U.S., on other bikes. But in May of this year I decided to take my first ride out of the states. For this first ride, I chose Denmark . It is a country designed for, and dedicated to, cyclists. They have right of way over car drivers and even pedestrians. For a bicyclist, it is incredible.

Before I left, I thought I should try changing a tire, in case of a blowout in some less populated place. I had Bruce Gordon Rock n Roll tires installed at a bike shop. They are very good tires. They cling to dirt and roll effortlessly on gravel and asphalt. However, to my horror, I found that I could not get the tires off. I needed my husband’s help. And while he works on machinery all the time, even he had trouble. When I tried to put them back on, it was a total failure. The tires simply would not go back on, even though they had stretched on those wheels for over a year. So I went to my mechanic, Anna, to get her opinion. Both she and another mechanic who is about my age said to look for new wheels or new tires.

It was only a few weeks before leaving, but Anna found tires that, being just slightly larger in diameter, did work. They did not feel like the Bruce Gordon tires though. Still, I was so excited to go to Denmark, I didn’t get too upset. The trip was great and - fortunately - no flats!

However, something just wasn't right about that set-up. The wheels felt dead. So, one day, I was sitting in a cafe and decided to look up local wheel builders, thinking that there might be someone out there who had the answer - just the right wheel/tire combination. I checked out a few sites but was immediately drawn to John Jones’ site. So I called him; he was so polite, patient, and helpful. I immediately felt like I'd found the right person. We discussed the bicycle, the type of riding I did, the amount of weight I carried in my bike when camping, or when staying at hotels and other accommodations. We talked about the type of brakes I had and my Son generator. I got an estimate that same day. I drove over to his shop with the Bruce Gordon tires to be sure they would fit on the rims he was going to use. It was relatively easy to get them on and off, and John gave me some great tips on technique. I ordered the wheels; two weeks later the beautiful results of his work were ready. He put on my tires with inner tubes and it all looked so great; as a bonus he recommended a great brewery in town and an amazing Italian restaurant for dinner. It was a great day worth celebrating with my new wheels! The next day I took my first ride. It felt like I was flying! The bike was transformed. It was so smooth and light feeling. Now I understood what it meant to have the right custom wheels! They are magical and the difference is astounding.

I highly recommend John to all who are interested!

Tyler Larsen, Ventura, CA

Hazard’s Cycle Sports of Santa Barbara recommended Jones Precision Wheels to me because I was looking for custom wheels; all the stock wheels I had owned continued to break spokes and have mechanical issues. This is also largely due to me being 6’4 and 250 lbs. I called John with my issues and he was very compassionate and eager to help. He gave me his recommendation of the best wheelset for me, a 50mm deep carbon rimmed 32 spoke wheel set with White Industry hubs. The wheels were done in a timely fashion and were beyond my expectation. I put the wheelset on my new Specialized S-Works Roubaix. I am now on my second bike, over two and a half years later, with the same set of wheels and they have performed flawlessly. John, thanks for the excellent service and products you provide!

Sean Coffey, co-founder of VYNL Bikes

John built me a set of gravel race wheels which have remained lively, trustworthy and true no matter what I throw at them, far more so than any of the big brand production wheels I've had over the years. It's a reminder that when built by a skilled craftsman, a wheelset is more than the sum of its parts.

Kevin Rottinghaus, The Woodlands, Texas

Near the beginning of 2019, I faced the decision of whether to buy factory-built wheels or custom-built wheels for one of my favorite road bikes. I read a fair bit on the internet, wheel reviews, and such like. A recommendation from on old cycling buddy led me to Boyd Cycling and from there I found Jones Precision Wheels.

From the moment of landing on the home page through every last page of the website, I had the impression that there was a real craftsman with immense knowledge of his products behind the virtual presence. This impression has grown through my personal interactions with John and his sage counsel has completely proven out through my experience riding the wheels John built for me.

Having the distinct pleasure to ride these wheels for nearly 1,000 miles now, I give my enthusiastic recommendation of Jones Precision Wheels to any rider seeking to improve the quality, durability, safety, and sheer riding pleasure of the wheels beneath them!

Tom Hilzer, Goleta CA

I have the privilege of living and working just a few miles from Jones Precision Wheels here in Goleta. You know when you walk into a place and you get the sense that you are on hallowed ground? Perhaps a bit overkill but it's the way it is in John's wheel building shop. That's all John does; wheels. So you know they're going to be awesome. John walked me through the options and within a few minutes we had a wheelset in mind for my road bike. The process of picking out colors and parts was as much fun for John as it was for me. I picked up the wheels just a few days later in time to head out for a weekend ride on them. The attention to detail was so cool. A little bit of lube on the skewers before putting them in, red nut to match red sticker, absolutely no finger prints anywhere. They were my first tubeless set of wheels so I wasn't sure what to expect but they were awesome from the beginning. Confidence building, light, strong, all the good stuff. I got my first "flat" within a few days and John patiently walked me through the process of putting sealant back in and making sure the rim was OK. A few weeks later I had another question and he answered that with a bit of service. Bottom line, you're not just getting wheels, you're getting John. And that is a great thing. Thanks John!

James Henson, Porter Ranch CA

By a mate’s recommendation, I contacted John Jones to inquire about a potential wheel build using the form on his website. Within hours, John responded and through a few back and forth emails, we nailed down a wheel build, I felt, I will be happy about. I found this process went very smoothly as John listened to what I was saying and always had the proper response and suggestions which really made me feel comfortable. At no time did I feel pressured to go with any of his recommendations nor did he try to up-sell me. After agreeing on a final design, John went to work and sent updates of the build to keep me updated. When the build was completed, I elected to stop by John’s shop to pick-up the wheels. At first sight, what I saw was the exact thing I only envisioned in my head. Appearance wise, John had built me my dream wheels. I recently rode these wheels for the first time and it was all that I had asked for. The hubs rolled smoothly and sounded like a million dollars. The finished product exceeded my expectations. I wholeheartedly recommend John to anyone looking to build their perfect wheels. I have no doubt that you won’t be disappointed.

Christian Fritze, Alameda CA

Jones Precision Wheels supplied the wheels for a custom 29er Tour Divide bike that I sourced from Stinner Frameworks a few years ago. That wheelset has seen many miles and some significant abuse, notably a rock side-strike on the front wheel and a few high speed encounters with cow grates and bridge plates. They continue to roll. So when I ordered a new 650b road/gravel touring frame from UK builder Stanforth Bicycles, I felt confident asking John to build a wheelset for me. It was the first time I’d talked to John directly, and every communication with him was a pleasure. He took my wishes into account, guided me gently to some options based on his abundant experience, and furnished a very attractive and functional set of wheels for me. I’ll be consulting him again soon for some tandem wheels, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to my friends.

Bob Heinatz, Oregon

“Hey John

Two rides on the new wheels and I will give them a big thumbs up! My initial ride I thought I inherited a new set of world class thighs and lungs. Second ride today was wonderful expect my world class thighs were feeling yesterdays ride. The Nox carbons do accelerate much quicker than my Hed Belgium Plus and they are much more comfortable on the road. Overall thanks for building a great set of wheels for my new Kirk”

Rob Lamb, Singapore

I was fortunate to work with John while building a set of wheels for my new Stinner Cyclocross bike. In short, I asked a lot of questions and John always responded promptly and very thoroughly. He worked to understand what I really needed, and was very clear and straightforward in his guidance while offering different solutions.

The wheels needed to be light and fast for Cyclocross but....they also had to pilot me through my first Dirty Kanza (with no surprises!).

Through this process I grew to trust John, his experience, and his motives (he really wanted to build the absolute best set of wheels for ME). We decided a set of Jones carbon gravel rims, matched to DTSwiss 240s hubs. I vouch for John and his work. He delivered exactly what he promised.

Oh, and I won the overall Singapore Cyclocross series and exceeded my goals in my first Dirty Kanza ‘beating the sun’ on the way :)

Andy Glickman, Berkeley, CA

Hi John,

Thank you again for building me such wonderful wheels. I have a few hundred miles on them, so I thought about giving you some feedback on their performance.

First, they exceed my expectations. I did not realize how much they would smooth the ride. I am not sure if its the carbon wheels or the tubeless setup (likely both) that makes for such a quiet, stable ride. The wheels dampen the road vibration and make for a more relaxed ride. I didn’t expect the change to be so dramatic. The first time out, I hit a pothole straight on that resulted in a “dull thump” but not an “ouch, hang on to that bar” kind of feel This smoother ride has also given me a sense of more control on descents,

The tubeless wheels are holding air. They lose 5-10 lbs of air over the course of a week, and this is perfectly manageable. So now I pump up my tires twice a week instead of once a week. And did I say the wheels look good? I even received some admirable stares from ENVE owners (okay, that’s kind of weird.).

Again, it was a pleasure working with you. I really enjoyed the experience. See you in a few years when I buy some wheels for my disc/all in one/gravel bike.

With best regards,


Chris Bailey, Illinois

“I just wanted to say thank you very much for the wonderful setup. I had them mounted up last week and took them for a few long rides. I cannot believe how much faster and responsive my bike feels. Your attention to detail and communication was second to none. Also your patience with my endless questions and part changes was very much appreciated. You got me a great wheelset within budget and I will never be hesitant to recommend your products to others.

All the best, Chris”

Adrian Freeman, Melbourne, Australia.

“I stumbled across John’s website and Instagram page when initially looking at the Stinner Frameworks website. My first thought was that here is a guy uses a lot of different rim, hub and spoke types for all sorts of customers, hence he may be able to build me something up more suitable than other wheel builders out there who seem to stick to one or two rim types.

I was really impressed with John’s communication and the final build he came up with for me. He hit the budget that I asked (didn’t recommend something 10%-20% more expensive) and answered all my repeated questions regarding differing spoke and rim types. He was happy to re-do quotes if budgets changed as well.

The wheelset he built for me - Nox Falkor 36D rims with White Industry hubs and DT Aerolite spokes - is fantastic. Stiff and rolls well. Most importantly, they set up super easy tubeless which was one of the main caveats I had when setting out my requirements to John. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to someone looking to go with a hand built wheelset no matter their budget.”

Carlo Peralta, Manila, Philippines

I've come across Jones Precision Wheels while browsing for wheels online. I was looking for a bomb proof, good quality wheelset that won't put much of a dent on my savings. I realized that the best way to achieve this is to get a wheelset custom built. John was very thorough, asking me about my needs, budget and expectations for the wheelset. He gave me several options and quotations. I finally picked the Nox Falkor rims with Wheelsmith spokes and Chris King hubs. These wheels were set up tubeless right out of the box which was very convenient for me. Needless to say, my wish for a fairly lightweight, bulletproof, and reasonably priced build was met by John's work. Throughout the process he was very hands on. He would respond to my emails, updating me about the progress and shipping information. The wheelsets reached Manila without a hitch. It's a pleasure to purchase something from someone who is passionate about the product that he produces. I've ordered 2 wheelsets from him and both have been phenomenal. I won't rule out ordering a third pair.

Kathy Sherman, Santa Cruz, CA

“John, I just wanted to let you know how much I love riding on my new Jones carbon wheels. My husband and I recently were cycling in Death Valley. While most of the roads were in excellent shape, we did have to ride over wash-outs and we did a LOT of climbing. I had no idea that wheels make such a difference. I knew I had something special when my bike tech was "lovingly" running his hands over the spokes and nodding his approval as he was checking over my bike before the trip. Thanks again for making the ordering process so simple. I feel you really listened to what my needs were for my wheels, even if I was not able to exactly describe what I wanted. You really came through.”

Andy Schmidt


I wanted to report on the recent set of carbon wheels that are being used on My Cannondale Super Six Evo High Modulus Bicycle. ONCE AGAIN YOU HAVE MADE THE PERFECT WHEEL FOR ME.

Let me start by thanking you for making it easy to order the wheels. Living in San Diego County makes it difficult to go to your shop. I like the fact that I can send you a simple email to set up a time to speak on the phone. For all three sets of wheel that you made over the past couple of years I didn't have to wait more that one or two days to speak with you and get the exact style of rim and hub to make me go fast. This new set for the Cannondale was simple to decide. DT Swiss Hubs and the 50mm Carbon rim both front and back is perfect for my riding style. Also, you clearly gave me an expectation for when I could expect to receive the wheels. This is important to me because I live in a world of instant gratification. I understand that making custom wheels takes time. While my desire is today, I appreciate your constant communication that allows me to understand when I can expect to receive them. two weeks was not too long at all.

When I comes right own to it, I am all about performance. In the past I was all about Zip 303's and 404's. I was a little nervous converting over to your wheels. But now I am so happy that I made the move. I am spoiled to say the least, I have a choice of wheel sets that can be used in every condition, TT, Mountains, wind, rain, and everyday use. Hands down, your wheels are better than Zipp, and I do not say that lightly. Jones Wheels are faster, have less drag, and perform better overall. I am so happy that I have this new set of wheels to compliment my other wheels that you built for me.

I look forward to November When I will order my 4th set of wheels.”

Carlos Tafich, Tucson, AZ

I purchased a set of custom made carbon wheels from Jones Precision Wheels. The process could not have been any smoother. I reached out to John hoping he would recommend a certain build within my budget. I filled a form online with all my bicycle details and a brief description of what I was looking for. Not only did he come up with a great recommendation within my budget, he even backed it up with research. My wheelset has the asymmetric rims which was new to me and he provided great information from his blog. He gave me an estimated date of delivery and the product was delivered as promised. Quality was as expected and I even got a nice hat! The wheelset was tubeless ready with rim tape and valves installed as well as very nice decals. Setting up my tubeless tires was easy. I had no issues mounting the tires or pumping them up with a track pump. I was able to switch tires about 2 months later using the same tape and valves and I have not had any issues with air leaking. The wheels ride like a dream, definitely an upgrade from my stock wheelset and worth the price. I can't recommend Jones Precision Wheels enough.

Linda Manzer

I would highly recommend Jones Precision Wheels. John worked closely with my triathlon coach, Brian Smallwood and me to find the best rims, spokes and tires for my new tri bike which I rode for a PR in Ironman New Zealand! John was always available to discuss the different options and was very patient when installing the very tight Continental 5000 tires on my high profile rims. A true gentleman and a pleasure to do business with.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new wheelset!

Kurt Stockton, 1990 US Pro Road Champion & avid cyclist of 40 years

In this day of pre-packaged bikes and wheels, the single-most thing one can do to personalize the performance of their “bike” is a set of custom made ( rim, hub, spoke and nipple choice) hand built wheels. One-size-fits-all is not a solution. I was fortunate to have my first Jones Precision Wheels built for me in the late 80’s; I won my 1990 US Professional Road Race Championship on Jones Precision Wheels. John’s attention to detail at a personal level for each customer guarantees wheels made just for you, the individual. I currently own five sets of Jones wheels with a mix of gravel/disc brake and road/rim brake and they have all performed flawlessly. I can’t count the number of times I have dented a rim or cut a tire and the wheels just kept on going. With the proper spoke count and component spec I can’t imagine riding my bikes without hand built wheels by John.

Jake Riehle, Los Angeles

This is my second set of Jones wheels. My first set held up to the abuse I dealt them, riding as much dirt as my cross bike they were paired with could handle. As a result of the demanding terrain, I dented one of the rims just shy of four years into their tenure. When I accepted that the wheel had to replaced, I didn’t hesitate to contact John again about building a new wheelset. I told John about my affinity for riding dirt on skinny tires and how I wouldn’t mind them being a little lighter than the outgoing set. John suggested going carbon and decided to use more robust spokes this time. I clipped my existing hubs off the old wheels, shipped them to John, and two weeks later my Ti cross bike has never felt livelier paired with a set of Nox Composites Citico gravel/cx rims. I would refer John to anyone in the market for new wheels and will hit him up again when it’s time to retire this new wheelset.

John Caletti - Caletti Cycles : Custom bicycles handcrafted in Santa Cruz, CA

John Jones and Jones Precision wheels have been a great partner to us in getting our customers on great bikes, tuned to their unique riding aspirations. I really enjoy working with John, and his experience and professionalism are top notch. He has been able to advise, source and build some exceptional wheels for us - getting us the right selection of components for our needs, expertly assembled for a long, worry-free life.

Austin Trautman, Arizona

John's process is the real thing, a dying art so hard to find in cycling wheels anymore. I hoped to get an expertly built set of wheels and draw on John's life of experience. What I got was so much more! John's process is well crafted and efficient, taking in personal connection and WHY each customer rides a bike. The finished product feels like MY wheels, not just an amazingly built wheelset. I've since referred other friends and my LBS to Jones Precision Wheels; their experience has been consistent with mine.”

Alasdair Heath

My experience (4-5 years) with ‘Jones Precision Wheels’ has been with wheel building, wheel truing, broken spoke replacement, and routine hub maintenance. All the work John has done for me has been excellent; he is my go-to-guy for anything to do with building, repair and maintenance of bicycle wheels. I live in the Bay Area and simply text John with what I need, I then FedEx the wheels to John in the Santa Barbara area, he assesses the problem and gets back to me immediately with options for a solution, John makes the repair and then sends the wheels back to me. So far, I have never been anything other than fully satisfied with the product, the cost, and the time taken. In fact, I find the whole process of going through Jones’s Precision Wheels from start to finish to be as competitive as any local bike store. I highly recommend the work done by Jones Precision Wheels

Tony Vincenti, Santa Barbara, CA

I raced USCF , and UCI road and track races for seventeen years , and during that time i won three national championships , and dozens of medals. I found that the single most significant component modification to improve performance are the wheels.

I met John Jones back in '88, '89 when the senior men's team of the Santa Barbara Bicycle Club was to field a team pursuit squad at the '89 national track championships at Carson, Ca. The team consisted of Rory O’Reilly (Olympian, and World Record holder in the one kilometer time trial) myself, Ed Philbrick and Chris Johnston.

John built me a pair of race wheels to suit my event and riding style, (a very aggressively light wheel with only 18 spokes) which made the build even more important to tension properly. Those wheels were bulletproof and I went on to win three national championship gold medals with them. The equipment withstood the strain of my explosive sprint style and I often felt invincible - a valuable mindset for a sprinter.

Alney R., Arlington, VA

I had a beautiful aluminum wheelset built by John for my daily driver. I’ve put placed thousands of miles on them through tarmac, gravel,ice and snow. Up to this day it still rolls fast,smooth and true!

What I do appreciate more than his masterful builds is his honesty and genuineness to really help you.

That is very hard to come by these days!

John Hatchitt- Team Manager & racer for Cannondale/ CAPO pb-Incycles Masters Team.

“We at Cannondale/CAPO Masters cycling team can’t begin to write down how fortunate we are to have Jones Precision Wheels as our wheel sponsor. From the moment I met John 4 years ago I knew he had to be a part of the team I was building. Not only are his builds amazing (bulletproof) but a very kind & caring individual who wants nothing more then to have his customers safe and happy. I have wheels from him that he built 4yrs ago and have yet to be touched. These are lite training wheels that I have put thru the ringer and still true to perfection today. The cool thing about John is, you tell him what you are looking for (weight-training-racing-gravel) whatever your likes are. He in a very polite & political manner will give you his suggestions and why but will let you make the final decision. We once had a teammate go against John’s recommendation and have them built his way. Two weeks in he was calling me asking if he should reach out to John in hopes of fixing the problem in which he created. Without hesitation John rebuilt to his original recommendation’s and the guy to this day tells that story. Trust me, when looking for wheels, there is no need to look any further; you’re the best in our book, Mr Jones”.

Christopher Ha, Santa Barbara, CA

I ordered my first ever pair of custom wheels from John. I filled out the questionnaire on his website and promptly received an email from him later that day with all the options that fit within my criteria with his opinion of each. After a couple more email exchanges, we finalized the wheelset and he gave me a lead time. The best part about working with John is that he will build you the best wheelset within your budget.

The communication was efficient and prompt yet I could tell that he was stoked on building a wheelset for my kind of riding style.

The wheelset is a few years old now. However, I know I'm about go on a great ride every time I mount them. They have been through trails that I shouldn't have taken them on and they still stay true! They've definitely lived up to their expectations and more!

Dr. Scott Hamilton, Myrtle Beach, SC

There is no debate that hand built wheels are superior to factory built wheels. I am fortunate to have 2 sets of wheels John built up for both of my road bikes and all I can say is “wow” The ride quality and durability of the wheels are exceptional. The build process was seamless from order to delivery. John responds in a timely manner to all questions and concerns. I recommend his expertise without reservation. You will have no regrets!

Chris McGibbon, Santa Barbara, CA

I didn’t even know that custom wheels existed until I snapped a spoke on my stock Tarmac rear wheel on a hill only a month into riding it. I’m a big guy who likes to ride fast. When I told my story to a more experienced cyclist, he recommended I see John Jones. John solved my problem by lacing up stronger spokes on to custom carbon rims, preserving the stock hubs to keep costs down. When I graduated to a disc brake Specialized Venge, John built a pair of asymmetrical 50mm deep rims onto DT Swiss 350 hubs that have never let me down. My next project was a traditional steel Wilier for which John made polished alloy Velocity Quill rims with bladed shiny spokes laced to polished White Industry hubs. Whenever I ride this jewel, people always admire the wheels first. I could go on but I’m embarrassed already by my sheer addiction to the speed, strength, and beauty of John’s creations. He is also charming as hell and humble and funny to boot!